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Must protein Drinks be powdered & milky?

We couldn’t believe that such product exist till we came across ProWater! Founded and developed in Australia, ProWater is gaining visibility in Singapore and Asia. Scientifically formulated for the health conscious and individuals with dietary limitations, ProWater is your best source for non-milky protein, zero-sugar and amino-rich fitness supplement!

ProWater 3 flavours
ProWater - scientifically formulated protein water, packed with essential Amino Acids

ProWater is a scientifically formulated protein water using Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolysed Collagen. These properties provide essential Amino Acids to replenish the body, giving a boost of energy. Containing zero sugar, ProWater is packed with Antioxidants to maximise health benefits.

A new and extremely exciting product to enter the functional beverage market, ProWater offers an alternative to juice products and protein enriched milk beverages that are currently available on shelves. Fused with natural flavours, ProWater has all the goodness (and more), just as nature intended.

A healthy mind & body begins with what you put in it. So what are the key ingredients?




ProWater contains two forms of protein in the total of 25 grams (equivalent of one scoop of protein in the popular powdered form). Protein is made up of essential and non-essential Amino Acids, which are building blocks for healthy bodies. Protein has a number of different roles in the body, such as repairing cells, building and repairing muscles and the production of energy. Protein may also possess anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer properties, and can also assist in weight loss.

The forms of protein in ProWater include:


The most pure form of protein. Containing 90 percent (or more) protein and has little to no fat, lactose or cholesterol. WPI is a rich source of naturally occurring branched chain Amino Acids - very important for those who have an active lifestyle. The human body requires higher amounts of these Amino Acids during and after exercise, hence the popularity of protein shakes post work-out.


A true fountain of youth. Composed of small Amino Acids, collagen is a high quality protein that works from the inside to strengthen the immune system, regulate oxygen output and help support the health of joints, bones and skin. Can reduce wrinkles and skin blemishes, and also helps promote your body to rebuild and repair the fibres that cause cellulite to appear.

Other ingredients & benefits include:


Regular consumption of food and/or drinks high in sugar can be associated with a number of health problems such as Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and Cardiovascular diseases. Consisting of zero sugar, ProWater will aid in limiting calorie intake, and accompanied with the high protein content, will also help curb hunger and cravings.


Originating in China, and has been used for thousands of years. Green tea is an Antioxidant and suggested to play an important role in prevention of Cardiovascular disease, cancer and other various diseases. It is said to increase resting metabolism and stimulate fat burning. ProWater contains 50% of the Antioxidants found in a single cup of green tea.

ProWater – Work. Train. Zen.

A scientifically formulated protein water designed with essential properties for your health and wellbeing. Whether you’re replenishing your body after a workout, needing a boost of energy or simply wanting to get ‘summer ready’, ProWater will repair, build and fuel your body - just as nature intended.

Now available in 3 refreshing flavours:

ProWater – Orange & Citrus Zesty and invigorating with a citrus tang twist!

ProWater – Kiwi & Strawberry Fresh berry goodness that packs a kiwi punch!

ProWater – Pineapple & Coconut A sweet tropical punch with a holiday kiss!

Sample all 3 flavours at Gymkraft Cheer Fest 2018, or get your ProWater Protein Water at

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