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Keep dry and comfy with Bia Athletics!

BIA Gym wear
Keep dry and comfy with BiaAthletics!

Tried of being drenched and sticky after a good workout?

Look no further because BiaAthletics’ apparel is here to save the day. Founded in our very own hometown, BiaAthletics has kept in mind Singapore’s erratic weather and high humidity when developing its own signature tri-blend polyester blend. Their special material is guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable at the end of your workout.

BiaAthletics was inspired by a fusion of Greek mythology and the Chinese/Japanese culture. In Greek mythology, Bia was known as the goddess of Might, making her the embodiment of force, raw energy and power. Taking this concept, BiaAthletics have blended this with the Chinese/Japanese culture by incorporating Chinese symbols into their design. The wide range of designs such as 忍 (perseverance), 勇 (brave) and 力 (force) is sure to motivate you to put in your best during your workouts while looking stylish at the same time.

Their signature polyester blend has been incorporated into almost all their apparel, making them dry much more quickly compared to other shirts out there. This ensures that you experience maximum quality and comfort when working out in their apparel. With their unique designs made to inspire and fitting that molts to each individual’s physique perfectly, BiaAthletics’ apparel will ensure that you perform at your optimum at all times. In addition to that, most of their apparel are unisex, so not just the men but the women too can stay comfy while keeping fit!

Not only that, they also have an Athleisure collection that is made out of the best quality materials and blends that makes their apparel so comfortable that you would want them wear them all day long! With its simplistic and slick design, you can wear them for any occasion, be it for causal workdays or a quick workout.

Looking for something different with a little bling to it?

Why not take a look at BiaAthletics’s Limited Edition collection that will take your breath away with their elegant design. This particular collection consist of their most exceptional and meaning designs that were made from scratch. The aim of this collection is to provide something that doesn’t just look unique or different, but also means more than just a shirt. After many months of concept development and design, BiaAthletics is proud to present its Limited Edition collection.

Be sure to grab it while stocks last!

So what are you waiting for? Get your BiaAthletic’s apparel and unleash your potential today!

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